KaiVac® 2750 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 27 Gal., Lithium-Ion

KaiVac® 2750 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 27 Gal., Lithium-Ion

Item # KA-KV27501QCBAT

  • Hygienically remove soil, germs, urine and other indoor pollutants that traditional cleaning tools like mop and wipes leave behind.
  • Spray time: 27 minute; Flow rate: 1 GPM; Pressure: 500 psi
  • 48" H x 33" L x 23" W; Waterlift: 130"; CFM: 112
  • 110 Volt - 60 Hz, 14.5 amp, GFCI; Vacuum motor: 3-stage
27 Gal., Lithium Ion, ea
Manufacturer #KV27501QCBATT

Eliminate cross-contamination and redistribution of germs. Stop the spread of disease-causing organisms throughout the building. Empowers workers to clean without touching contaminated surfaces. Control chemical cost with lower usage and less waste with automatic proportioning. Perform wet or dry cleaning on virtually any surface throughout the building. Remove standing water quickly and easily with the instant drain to keep your facility safe. Carry supplies and remove trash with on-board carriers.

Lithium-Ion Power Pack

Cut the cord and amp up your cleaning. The Lithium-ion Power Pack offers cordless capabilities. The Power Pack allow you to quickly change and share batteries across all Kaivac battery-enabled systems.

The go-anywhere capability improves worker productivity while eliminating the hassle of cord maintenance, making it perfect for day cleaning and other noise and trip sensitive cleaning processes.

  • Overcharge protection, automatic shutdown and other advanced features maximize battery life.
  • Easy to read onboard gauge lets users know how much battery charge is left.
  • Charger wall mounting option declutters and provides convenience.
  • Battery Voltage: 36V DC; Battery Capacity: 15.4 Amp-hours.
  • Battery has an approximate run time of 60 minutes. Has a recharge time of 3 hours.


  • Molded-in Chemical Holder: Gallon (3), Quart (1)
  • Chemical Switching: Dual/quick change
  • Safety Cap System: Yes
  • Metering Tip Settings: 5 settings
  • Vac Hose: 75 ft.
  • Spray Line: 75 ft.
  • Quick-Connect Gun: Yes
  • Electric Cord: 50 ft.
  • Blow Hose: 33 ft.
  • Rotational Mold: Yes
  • Removable Engine Compartment: Yes, black box technology
  • Weight: 133 lbs.
  • Flat-Free Non-Marking Pneumatic Tires: (2) 10"
  • Casters: (2) 6"
  • Stair Climbing Wheels: Yes
  • Handle: Molded-in
  • Tray: Molded-in
  • Tools Included: 2-piece vac wand aluminum, 14" squeegee head, blow nozzle, training materials, window squeegee, metering tip kit, 15 gallon tote bag.
  • Warranty: Body 5 years, parts 3 years, labor 1 year.
  • Dump Hose: 26" long
  • HEPA Blow Feature: All Kaivacs include HEPA filtration on wet or dry vacuum exhaust. Plus, the 300 mph HEPA filtered blower allows you to effortlessly and instantly dry fixtures or dust high areas.
  • HEPA Filtered Exhaust: Yes - Replaceable